Hiring A Reliable Contractor For Your Next Project | 5 Mistakes To Avoid

So, you have this fantastic idea about redesigning your home or have a necessary repair to fix on your property. Imagine that this will cost you a lot and you have to fix it in time before your whole family comes visiting this holiday. One more problem, you do not know the right contractor to handle this project. Or you eventually hire a contractor who delivers poorly or late.

Such situating can be quite frustrating and may ruin your other plans, not to mention costing you loads of avoidable expenditures. This is why you need to have the right hands to handle your project. Follow this checklist to cross out any mistakes that may arise from hiring the wrong contractor.

  • HIRING ON FACE VALUE: While you may not know the contractor personally, you can always request for a reference before awarding the project. Asking for a reference saves you much stress because you can call up to verify that the contractor is not making claims about his competence.


From the reference, you can find out if there were complaints from past jobs, and if they would be willing to recommend to another building contractor. Without verifying, you run the risk of hiring an unreliable or incompetent hand, thereby ruining your project in the end.

  • HIRING WITHOUT VERIFYING CREDENTIALS:If you are looking to have your project correctly handled, ensure to hire the services of only qualified contractors. Do not be in haste to get the job done, such that you overlook the company’s competency and hire based on what is advertised.


Checking the contractors’ credentials ensures that they are qualified and suited for the project description you have at hand. Just because they claim to do construction does not mean they are good at it. To avoid disappointments, make sure the contractor has operational licenses and qualifications.

NOT GIVING SUFFICIENT DETAILS: The idea of the construction project starts with the client, not the contractor. As a result, you may not communicate all the details and ideas you have, as effectively as expected. You need to make sure that the contractor is on the same page as the anticipated deliverables. Make sure that the contractor understands your expectations, and that they are well-experienced in the kind of project at hand. Where possible, draft out a checklist that covers all your expectations and see to our that the contractor fully grasps what is expected.

  • GOING WITH THE LOWEST BIDDER:While having the highest price is not always a guarantee of the best quality, it will be helpful if you don’t base your hiring solely based on the cheapest means. Of course, it is a great idea to save on costs. However, the lowest price can mean some corners have been cut, or the contractor does not fully understand the scope of the project.

Apart from getting a substandard delivery, deciding to opt for a cheaper option could cost you more in the long run as you might have to spend more funds than expected to fix these avoidable errors.

  • BEING TOO QUICK TO SIGN A CONTRACT: Ok, you have vetted the contractor, credentials, and all, and you are comfortable with the budget proposal. So what next? Sign the deal and get the ball rolling? Not so fast. Being in haste to sign an agreement might cause more problems for you than you can imagine. Take your time to read and understand every term and phase before handling the project out to the contractor.


Doing this also ensures you are on the same page with them in terms of deliverables, expectations, and other terms of the contract. You may also determine the length of the deal, and any other item you need.

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