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Real Estate Professionals Overview

With keen insights and deep understanding of Washington’s ever-competitive real estate market, we are dedicated to providing real estate professionals with industry updates, guidance and outstanding service in a timely and reliable manner.

Property Inspection Lists

We are a licensed, bonded and insured construction company with the right skillset to help you succeed in your real estate investment.

Whether you are buying a new property or turning over an old one, we are the right partners to work with. We have the right skillsets to fix all infractions on your inspection checklist. We ensure that all boxes are checked to get your property ready and in good time for rental or sale.

We provide a service that is responsive, prompt and efficient.

Property Inspection Program

Do you require a property inspection service but low on cash? We’ve got you covered. At ZMD Homes, we have designed a property inspection program that is easy to follow and flexible to suit your unique needs.

On the program, you can opt to pay upfront for our services or better, we can make a deal to wait till the sales deal is closed. Either way, you win! Pre-qualification required, contact us for more details.

Property Preservation

ZMD Homes property preservation services ensures that the physical integrity of your foreclosed asset is maintained, and depreciation is minimized. We have the right professionals to guarantee the physical and structural well-being of your property until it gets off the market.

We have are licensed, bonded and insured. Our skilled service is aimed at keeping your property in great shape and retaining value until the next occupation.

Trusted Partners

While we continue to achieve giant strides in the construction and real estate investment industry, below are some of the names that have chosen to align with our vision.

We have redefined the word Bespoke in building construction.

Recreate your vision.

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